Submitted by Michael C. Patterson.



KNOW YE, (Gaston Tyson) a (Private) of Captain (John McDonald) Company (L), (1st) Regiment of (West Va. Vet. Cavalry) VOLUNTEERS who was enrolled on the (not filled in) day of (not filled in) one thousand eight hundred and (sixty four) to serve (one 1) years or during the war, is hereby DISCHARGED from the service of the United States, this (Eight) day of (July), 186(5), at (Wheeling) by reason of (illegible from War Dept.)

(No objection to his being re=enlisted is known to exist*.)

Said (Gaston Tyson) was born in (Belmont, Ohio) in the State of (Ohio), is (18) years of age, (5) feet (9) inches high, (dark) complexion, (blue) eyes, (dark) hair, and by occupation when enrolled, a (Miller).

Given at (Wheeling, W Va.) this (Eight) day of (July) 186(5)

(Signature & rank illegible), Commanding the Reg't

(Signature & rank of John McDonald, Capt. Co. L )

Note, Upper left corner:
"War Department, Record Pension Office, October 10, 1902.
It is shown by the records that this soldier was enrolled September 20, 1864.
(Signature illegible)
Brigadier General U.S.A.
Chief of Record and Pension Office


This genealogy came from an old Bible - a wedding gift to Gaston (who apparently went by the name "George," his middle name) and his bride, Lizzie J. McCusker. They were married at St. James Church (presumably in or near New York City) 01 Feb 1874.

Gaston died in Nyack, NY, on 20 October, 1932. Lizzie died in Nyack, on 25 November, 1933. It is unknown when they bought the small farm in Nyack but possibly because Gaston loved horses (a cavalryman). He worked as a drawbridge operator for the city of New York for many years.

The name of Gaston's father is not known but according to the Bible, his mother's name was Anne. She was born in 1826, and died on 5 Feb 1902.

Lizzie and Gaston had the following children:

James Tyson, b. 27 July, 1875, d. 27 July, 1875
Mary A. Tyson, b. 3 July, 1876, d. 14 August, 1947
Rose Agnes Tyson, b. 16 August, 1879, d. January 1958
Lizzie Tyson, b. 12 January, 1881, d. 28 January, 1919 (influenza pandemic)
James Joseph Tyson, b. 13 February, 1883, d. 4 September, 1961
Rev. (Catholic) George Tyson, b. 7 July, 1886, d. 28 March, 1930
Edward Philip Tyson, b. 26 May, 1889, d. 28 May, 1961

Lizzie Tyson married John Patrick Howard (d. 1940), 8 June 1911, Brooklyn, NY. Lizzie and John were married for only about a year when John left Lizzie and their only child, Dorothy, born in Brooklyn, 06 Sep 1912. Lizzie and Dorothy went to live with their spinster aunts, Mary Tyson ("Nana") and Rose Agnes ("Ro Ro").

Lizzie died in the influenza pandemic in 1919. After her death, Dorothy was raised by her aunts. For some time after her mother's death they all lived with Gaston and Lizzie, on the farm in Nyack. Eventually, they moved to Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, where Dorothy grew up.

Dorothy Howard married Joseph Lievan Geeraert (b. 11 Nov 1909; d. 23 Nov 1979) on 4 November, 1933. They were divorced in 1960. Dorothy died 18 May 2000.

Dorothy & Joe had 2 children:
(1) Roseanne, born 4 May 1935, Brooklyn, NY; married John T. Carney (Jack). They have 4 children: John T. Carney Jr., Matthew J. Carney; Tracy Ann Carney (Daniel); Jennifer Lynn Carney,

(2) Dorothy, was born on 13 February, 1940, in Brooklyn, NY. She married Michael Burke Patterson (b. 2 June, 1930, d. 2 June, 1996). They had 2 children: Michael C. Patterson & Brian T. Patterson.