Submitted by Matthew Golden, gr-gr-gr-grandson, Washington, Pennsylvania.

     William Golden, first lieutenant, Company K 1st West Virginia Cavalry, was born in Claysville, Pennsylvania 10 February 1837. He married Miss Amelia Smith 23 March 1859 and they had 11 children.

     "In 1861 William Golden was one of the first to kiss his wife of but little over two years and little child goodbye and march to the front in defence of the flag." (The Herald, Pleasanton, Kansas, 13 Oct 1911)

     In 1883 William moved his family to Pleasanton, Kansas. He was killed in a hunting accident in 7 October 1911 at the age of 74. As he was hunting squirrels, "he shot his second and as he went to retrieve it his shotgun discharged striking his left arm above the elbow. He secured the squirrel and walked a 1/2 mile for aid. He did not go directly home because he wished not to alarm his wife." (Claysville Recorder, 13 Oct 1910)