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From History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens,
by Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer, 1902. pp. 686-687.

     CHESTER G. WHITHAM, a farmer at Clinton, Ohio county, West Virginia, is a native of this county, and was born October 22, 1858; he is a son of Peregrine and Christiana Whitham, natives of Ohio County, West Virginia, and Washington County, Pennsylvania, respectively.
     Peregrine Whitham pursued farming, and had much ability as an agriculturist. He was interested in raising stock, and gave considerable attention to importing fine sheep and other stock. He first introduced registered and imported sheep into the neighborhood. He was born January 30, 1808, and his death took place November 19, 1883. Most of his life was spent in Liberty district. He was first an Abolitionist, and later became a Republican; he held the office of justice of the peace, and was well known in the county. In early life he belonged to the Free Presbyterian church, until after slavery was abolished. His wife was also a member of the Free Presbyterian church; she was born November 12, 1816, and departed this life August 16, 1881. They had seven children, - three sons and four daughters, - as follows: J. D., Sarah J., Luther B., Mary C., Josephine M., Arabella M., and Chester G., the subject of this sketch.
     J. D. is a resident of Denver, Colorado. Sarah J. was born in 1837, married S. B. Chambers, and died in 1884. Luther B. has recently engaged in the lumbering business, and resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Mary C. became the wife of J. F. Trovilla, and lives at Aledo, Illinois. Josephine M. is now Mrs. J. I. Carson, residing at Washington, Pennsylvania. Arabella M. was united in marriage with J. B. Chambers, of West Alexander, Pennsylvania.
     Mr. Whitham attended the common schools and has followed agricultural pursuits all his life, raising, also, very fine stock. He owns 200 acres of land, all improved, and supposed to have coal under it. It is part of the old Marling farm.
     Mr. Whitham married Margaret E. Marling, a native of Pennsylvania, on June 21, 1883. She is a daughter of John and Margaret (Harrison) Marling, distant relatives of General Benjamin Harrison. John Marling is still living; he was born November 29, 1822, in Ohio county, where he has followed farming all his life. His wife died January 16, 1895, in her seventieth year. Mr. Whitham's wife was an only child, and after a common school education she attended the Wheeling Female Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Whitham have one child, Doris Marling, who is well known by her acquaintances as a sweet, loving child. Mr. Whitham is one of the best farmers of the county, and stands well as a neighbor, citizen and friend.

From History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia
Edited by J. H. Newton. 1879. Page 302.

Peregrine "Perry" Whitham was the father of Luther B. Whitham.

     Perry Whitham was born in Ohio county, January 8th, 1808, his father, Joseph Whitham, coming from the state of Maryland, in 1797, when he settled in Liberty district, Ohio county. He married Miss Dement, daughter of George Dement, who came to this country among the first settlers. Perry, like many other old settlers of that day, received but a limited education. When he grew up to manhood he started out for himself as a farmer, and has become one of the most prominent of his calling in Liberty - devoting his entire time to wool growing and grain raising. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, at West Alexander, Pennsylvania, and a devoted Christian. He was a strong Union man during the late trouble between the North and South; in fact he was one of the old school Abolitionists, and seems proud of his past political record.

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LUTHER BRAINARD WHITHAM was born 28 Mar 1840 on the Whitham family farm near Valley Grove, Ohio Co., VA. He was a teacher, real estate broker, and investment broker. On 28 Dec 1870, he married Elizabeth Canon Stewart, a native of Indiana Co, PA. The couple taught school together in Hillsboro, IL, then St. Louis, MO. Elizabeth died in St. Louis on 23 Jan 1892 at age 52. The couple had two children: Peregrine Stewart Whitham and Mary Stewart Whitham, both born in Hillsboro, IL. Luther Whitham returned to Ohio Co, VW before 1910, living in retirement in Valley Grove. In May 1917, he was admitted to the Weston Hospital in Weston, WV where he died on 15 Aug 1917 of complications of bronchitis. He was interred in the West Alexander Memorial Cemetery, West Alexander, PA in the Whitham family plot.