Submitted by Debbie, who owns the home of Gottlieb Wildermuth.

     GOTTLIEB WILDERMUTH was born at Rielinghausen, Kingdom of Wuttemburg, Germany, March 25, 1828. He died at Pomeroy, Ohio, August 13, 1903 and is buried in Beech Grove Cemetery, Meigs County.

     The first wife of Gottlieb Wildermuth was Sophia Winkler, whom he married September 2, 1852. Sophia died, September 2, 1887 on their 35th wedding anniversary. They had five children:

1. Catherine S. born March 31st, 1854
2. Sarah #1 born March 6th, 1858; died August 16th, 1859
3. Charles Fred born September 3rd, 1859 (notice he was born a month after his sister died)
4. Sarah A. (Sarah #2) born May 5th, 1861
5. Max W. born February 20th, 1870

     After Sophia’s death he married Fredericka Kraemer on March 5, 1888.