History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia,
1879, by J. H. Newton, G. G. Nichols, and A. G. Sprankle. Page 277.

Gotfried C. Winzenried, is the eldest son of Frederick Winzenried, a native of Germany, who came to this country forty or fifty years ago, settling in Weeling about 1844, where he conducted business as a watchmaker and jeweler. Gotfried is a native of Monroe county, Ohio, and was born in 1841. In 1857 he went to the jewelry business with his father and continued to 1861, when he volunteered into the First Weeling Cavalry, under Capt. Carman, and left Weeling in August. He served three years and three months in the late war, only receiving a slight wound, though falling into the hands of the enemy, as a prisoner in 1863, spending a month in "durance vile." On his return home he resumed business with his father, but that gentleman retiring last October, after their old business was destroyed by fire, Gotfried resumed on Market street, and still conducts a very attractive store at No. 1060. He was married in 1865, to Sophia, youngest daughter of Hermon Esmyer, a native of Germany, but a farmer residing near here at the time. They have three sons.