DANIEL A. WOOD, Private, Company "K"

Medal of Honor Recipient

     Daniel A. Wood was born in Ohio County, (W) Va., the son of John Curtis Wood and Jane J. McGuire. In the 1850 census they are apparently residing with Daniel's grandparents, Joseph and Priscilla (Curtis) Wood. The father of Priscilla Curtis was Revolutionary War soldier, John Curtis, born in Wales. He died in 1843 and is buried at the West Liberty Cemetery, Ohio County, W.Va. A son of John Curtis was William Curtis, who led the 12th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. William's son, Josiah, also served with the 12th Infantry and, like his cousin, Daniel A. Wood, was a recipient of the Medal of Honor. William and Josiah are buried at the West Liberty Cemetery.

1850 Census, Ohio County, W.Va.
WOOD, Joseph, 64, painter, $3000, NJ
Priscilla, 60, MD
John C., 35, Painter, PA
Jane, 35, PA
Ann E., 9, VA
Daniel, 8, VA
Joseph, 6, VA
James C., 4, VA
John Mc., 10 months, VA
Harriet, 6, VA LLOYD, Anna M., 7, VA
LASHLY, Mary, 20, OH

1860 Census, Ohio County, W.Va.
WOOD, John C., 44, Painter, PA
Jane, 43, Keeping Hosue, PA
Anna C., 19, PA
Daniel, 18, VA
Joseph A., 16, VA
Olivia, 16, VA
James, 14, VA
M Ginnis, 11, VA
Priscilla, 9, VA
GAMMEL, Kate, Domestic, 20, Mass.

Daniel A. Wood married Elizabeth Ann Hill in Ohio County on September 6, 1866.

1880 Census, Ohio County, W.Va.
WOOD, Daniel, 37, Painter, VA PA PA
Elizabeth, Wife, 33, Keeping House, VA ENG VA
Blanche, Dau, 11, At School, WV VA VA
George, Son, 9, At School, WV VA VA
John, Son, 7, At School, WV VA VA
Archibald, Son, 5, OH VA VA
Charles, Son, 3, WV VA VA
Birdie, Dau, 2-M, WV VA VA

     Note: 2 other children were born after the 1880 census. They were Eva, born 18 Sep 1882, and Daniel H., born 21 Jun 1885.

     Daniel A. Wood died August 10, 1894 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling, Ohio County, W.Va. His wife, Elizabeth died on June 30, 1902.


General Affidavit (Daniel A. Wood)
State of West Virginia
County of Ohio

     In the matter of the Pension Claim of DANIEL A. WOOD late Private Co K 1st W.Va. Cavalry Vols. Claim No. 615328.

     Personally came before me, a Notary public in and for aforesaid County and State, DANIEL A. WOOD the claimant aged 44 years, residence and Post Office address is 159 - 16th St. Wheeling, W.Va. person of lawful age, who being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid case as follows:

I have resided in the City of Wheeling W.Va. from time of Discharge to the present time, excepting therefrom the years 1873, 1874, and 1875, during said years I resided in Bridgeport Belmont Co Ohio. My occupation has been that of a Painter and Paper Hanger. That in the fall of 1864 my Company and Regiment were in active service, from the time of my enlistment to the time of my discharge, I participated in all the engagements or battles in which my company were engaged, from exposure incident to said service I contracted Sciatic Rhuematism at the Battle of Rood's (Rude's) Hill I missed the fording and got wet and went on Picket duty with wet clothes and contracted a bad cold, frequently after said time I was troubled with pains in right side, right hip, and down the right leg, they troubled me most in mounting and dismounting, I should have had medical treatment, I desired to stay with my company and do duty as long as it was possible for me to do so. I had no desire to go to hospital, and therefore made no application for medical treatment and did not receive medical treatment while in the service. At the Battle of Sailors Creek April 6th 1865, I captured the Battle Flag of the 18th Florida Infantry, and was awarded a Medal by Congress. I was discharged 8th day of July 1865. In August following I had a severe attack of Rheumatism that (line missing)..... I was treated for the same by Dr. Hildreth, he is now deceased. I have suffered each year from time of Discharge to the present time with Rheumatism. I have treated myself with Patent medicines, and other remedies, in the last two years Dr George Baird has treated me for Sciatic Rheumatism, for the last two years I have been wholly incapacitated for the performance of manual labor. I am compelled to walk with two sticks, about one year ago I was advised by friends to go to Cincinnati and take Mud baths. I took 50 Mud baths under Dr. O. E. Davis could not get cured. I came home as I went on two sticks and am still compelled to walk with two sticks. I should have had medical treatment each year and have not had it for the reason that I have not had the money to pay for it.

Daniel A. Wood (Signature of Affiant)
3 September, 1887.

NOTE: Among those giving supporting affidavits were: TOWNSEND C. ADAMS, ROBERT JUNKINS, REASE FURBAY, LEWIS FRITZ, JOHN SAUBE (SARBER). C. E. IRWIN, Commander of Post 86 Wheeling G.A.R. also provided an affidavit, co-signed by RICHARD ROBERTSON and JOHN L. STAMM.