Transcribed by Patricia Sexton.

Army of the United States
Certificate of Disability for Discharge.

Alexander Wybley, Blacksmith of Captain Harvy Farabees company B of the First Virginia Regiment of United States Mounted Volunteers was enlisted by Colonel Henry Amisansel of the First Va. Regiment of Cavalry at Washington, Pennsylvania on the Sixth day of August 1861, to serve Three years; he was born in Cumberland Co in the State of Pennsylvania; is Fifty four years of age, Five feet Seven inches high, Dark complexion, Hazel eyes, Black hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Blacksmith. Said soldier has been unfit for duty 40 days. Said Alexander Wybley is Ruptured caused by the fall of a horse on a march from Culpepper courthouse. Culpepper County Virginia to the Rapadam River, Virginia on the second day August 1862.

Capt. Harvy Farabee
Commanding Company

State of Pennsylvania
County of Washington

On this the Sixteenth day of March A.D. 1863, personally appeared before me, Promonotary of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County and State aforesaid, Alexander Wybley a resident of the Borough of Washington County and State aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identical Alexander Wybley, who enlisted in the service of the United States on the Sixth day of Aug 1861, as a private in Capt Harvey Farrabee's Co (B) First reg of Virginia Cavalry, and was honorable discharged on the Eleventh day of October A.D. 1862; that while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty incurred the following disability; on the 30th day of Aug 1862, on the retreat of his company after the first engagement in the battle of Bull Run Va, he was thrown violently from his horse + seriously ruptured, receiving at the same time other injuries. He has been residing since his discharge at Washington, Washington Co, Pa, which is his Post Office address and has been unable to engage in any occupation. He hereby authorizes Boyd Crumrine of Washington, Washington Co, Pa to procure for him the Pension to which he may be entitled under the Act of Congress approved July 14th 1862 and to receive and receipt for any certificate that may issue in his favor in connection with this application.

Alexander Wibley (his mark)

Also personally appeared Andrew Harshman and Thomas M. Hall residents of the Borough of Washington County and State aforesaid, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn say that they were present and saw Alexander Wybley sign his name to the foregoing declaration; and they further swear that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of the applicant and their acquaintance with him, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be; and they further state that they have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim

G. M. Hall (signed)
Andrew Harshman (signed)

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Washington County

I James B. Ruples, Promonotary of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said County hereby Certify Alexander Wibley the Claimant and Thomas M. Hall + Andrew Harshman witnesses personally came before me, and being sworn according to law did depose + say that the facts set forth in the foregoing declarations and affidavits are true as they verily believe and that I have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.
Witness my hand and official seal the 11th day of March A.D. 1863

James B. Ruples, Promty

Washington Pa
Febry 14-1878

Dear Sir
In returning these orders for examination would state in regards to that one of Alexander Wybley for Scrotal hernia that it is known to me that he was ruptured before entering the army as my father was his attending physician at the time and I think that it was on account of this knowledge that he did not report for examination.

Yours Respectfully
L.D.M. Wilson

Washington Penna. Mch 25-1878
Commissioner of Pensions

Dear Sir

In reply to yours of 12th inst concerning Alexander Wibley-I will say that I gained my information from a conversation between my father and Dr Dougherty- Dr. D was at the time examining Surgeon at the time and told my father he had an order for the examination of Wibley for Hernia. My father told him that he was not entitled to a pension as he was ruptured before he went into the service. My father died in the spring of 1873.

Yours respectfully
L.D.M. Wilson

Wheeling, West Va.
November 16, 1878

Hon J. A. Bently
Commissioner of Pensions


I have the honor to return the papers in case orig. No 14553. Alexander Wibley, who was a Private in Co "B" 1st Va. Cavalry, in the war of 1861, claimant for a Pension on account of Hernia, Contracted in the service in line of duty.
Dr. L.D.M. Wilson, Pension Examining Surgeon of Washington Pa., by letter dated Feb 14, 1878, notified the office that it was known to him that claimant was ruptured before entering the Army. Instructions directed the Agent to procure Ample testimony showing claimants physical condition prior to and at date of enlistment.
I have made diligent enquiry among the neighbours and acquaintances of claimant, but have failed to find positive testimony as to the facts in the case.
Claimant is personally known to many of the Citizens of Washington Co, Penn., but I could find none who had ever seen him naked, and but one who heard him complain of rupture previous to enlistment.
Dr L.D.M. Wilson, and George A. Dougherty, both are respectable Physicians of Washington, are positive that the late Dr. John R. Wilson informed Dougherty that he was aware that claimant was ruptured before the War, but he failed to say how he knew the fact.
I saw several comrades of the Soldier in addition to those whose Affidavits were taken but could elicit no additional information.
In an interview with L.M. Templeton, Druggist of Washington, he informed me that previous to the War his Father had a monopoly almost, of fitting trusses to ruptured patients in that section, and had an indistinct recollection that his Father did fit a truss to claimant, but there was no record of the fact and he was not sure, therefore declined to testify, his Father died in 1866.
After obtaining all the available information in the vicinity of Washington, I was informed that Dr. Henry Capehart, Surgeon of the Regt, and James Dean, who was hospital steward, and afterwards Captain of Co "I", resided at Martins Ferry, Belmont Co Ohio. I therefore this day visited them in hopes of getting some definite information.
Dr. Capehart could not recall any fact connected with claimant, although I showed him the certificate for discharge signed by himself, he had no recollection of the alleged injury, and referred to it in the certificate he thought because the Captain had certified to it. I deemed it unnecessary to take his affidavit under the circumstances.
James Dean, said that at the time claimant alleges he received the injury, he (Dean) was Hospital Steward in charge of Ambulances, he has no recollection of claimant at all. Dean is Depty Postmaster at Martin Ferry.
Claimant swears positively and emphatically that he never did make application for a Pension prior to the one filed by Charles M. Ruple, recd by the Office June 18, 1877.
I am sure his statement is not correct, because Boyd Crumrine who filed the application recd March 19, 1863 is a respectable lawyer, and Thomas Hall, one of the identifying witnesses is well known as an honourable citizen of Washington Co, their affidavits are filed herewith. Wesley Wolf, who filed the application dated June 4, 1864, is reported to me as having died several years since.
------working at a blacksmith Forge, on some light work, but how he can stand up to work on the lightest articles is a mystery to me.
After taking his statement in the house of Mr George Wyland, I examined his person and find one of the worst cases of rupture I ever saw, he is past the use of a truss, both sides have given way and the Scrotum appears nearly as large as a quart measure, and is supported by a pack attached to a bandage round the body. Dr L.D.M. Wilson was present at his examination.
The accompanying evidence comprises all the facts I could obtain, nor could I get on the track of any party likely to give additional information,

Very respectfully
James H. Clements
Special Agent