JOHN YODERS, Company "B"

Also served in Company "A" 22nd Regiment of Penn. Cavalry Volunteers ("Ringgold Cavalry")

Find-A-Grave Memorial by Gale Nichols, Descendant.

(For Service in 1st West Va. Cavalry)



Transcribed by Patricia Sexton; file obtained from National Archives by Linda Fluharty.

Disability for discharge of Private John Yoders of Company B.

Private John Yoders of Company B. of the First Va Regiment Cavalry was enlisted by H. Farabee at Washington, Pennsylvania on the Nineteenth day of September 1861, to serve three years. He was born in the state of Pennsylvania and is twenty one years of age, six feet one inches high, dark complexion, darke eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when elisted a laborer.

I certify, that I have carefully examined the said John Yoders and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of gunshot wound in his right leg causing contraction of the ham strings and permanent lameness, received at the battle of Kelly's Ford 17 August 1862 as per description.

Discharged, this sixth day of April 1863, at Baltimore Md, by command of Maj. Gen. Schench. The soldier desires to be addressed at Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Declaration For Invalid Army Pension
State of Pennsylvania
County of Washington

     On this 10th day of August, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine personally appeared before me, John D. Gow, Clerk of Common Pleas Court within and for the County and State aforesaid, John Yoders, aged 28 years, a resident of Amity, in the County of Washington, in the State of Penn., who, being duly sworn, according to law, declares he is the identical John Yoders, who enlisted in the service of the United States at Wheeling, County of -, State of West Va., on the 14 day of Sept., in the year 1861, as a Pvt. in Company "B" commanded by Captain Farabee in the 1st Regiment of Va. Cav. Vols. in the War of 1861 and was honorable discharged on the 6th day of April, in the year 1863, that while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, at Kelly's Ford, Va. on the - day of -, 186-, he rec'd a gunshot wound in his right knee by reason of which he was discharged and allowed a pension at $8 per month which he rec'd February 29th 1864. That on the 4th day of March 1864 he reenlisted as Pvt. Co. "A:, 22 Pa. Cav. and during the winter of 1864/5 from exposures he contracted epilepsy by reason of which he was discharged. That he now suffers with fits and weak knee and is prevented from labor. He was not employed in any civil branch of the Government service, between March 3d, 1865 and June 6, 1866. Since leaving the service he has resided Penn. in the County of Washington, in the State of Penn. and his occupation has been nothing. When enrolled he was common laborer And for the purpose of prosecuting his claim he hereby appoints Jacob Wright, of Indianapolis, State of Indiana, his attorneys in fact, with power of substitution, and with authority to receive his pension certificate. He requests that his pension be paid at nearest agency State of Pa. His Post Office address is Amity, County of Washington and State of Penn.

Camp First Va Cavalry
Fairfax Court House Va
May 14th

To all whom it may Concern

I hereby Certify that Private John Yoders of Company B. 1st Virg. Cavl. was Wounded at the Battle of Kelleys Ford, Rappahannac River on the 23rd Day of August 1862 While Skirmishing with the Enemy under my own immediate Command being shot by the Enemy while in the Discharge of his Duty and acting under orders.

Harvey Farabee,
Capt. Co. B. 1st Virg. Cavl.

General Affidavit
State of Pennsylvania
County of Washington

In the matter of Pension claim of John Yoders no. 24.372
On this thirtieth day of April A.D. 1881; personally appeared before me, a Clerk of the Orphans' Court in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths Andrew J. Mannon aged 38 years, a resident of Franklin Tp. in the County of Washington and State of Pennsylvania whose Post Office address is Vanburen, Washington Co. Pa. well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid case, as follows: that he has been acquainted with the above named claimant since 1858; that in August 1861 affiant and claimant enlisted together in Co. B. 1st Va. Cav.; that affiant had at that time known claimant for two or three years and been intimate with him, and affiant never knew or heard of claimant having fits or any trouble of that kind, and affiant verily believes he would have known had claimant been there so affected; that affiant knows that claimant was wounded through the right knee at Kelleys' Ford on the 21st day of August 1862, for the reason that he and a comrade by the name of Hatfield (now dead) helped claimant back to the field hospital at the rear; affiant went to the hospital the next morning to see claimant and give him ten dollars as a loan at request of claimant and affiant was there told, either by a nurse or the Surgeon that claimant had had a fit since being brought in; Affiant did not see claimant again until after discharged; claimant did not come back to the regiment.
Affiant further declares that he has no interest in said case and is not concerned in its prosecution.

Andrew J. Mannon (signed)

Proof of Disability
State of Pennsylvania
County of Green

On 18 March 1881, J.P. Allen, aged 38, a resident of Waynesburg, Green Co, PA swears that he is acquainted with John Yoders, a private in Company "B" First Regiment of Virginia Cavalry Vols., and who was discharged at Baltimore Md. on or about the 6th day of April 1863 by reason of Surgeon's Certificate. J.P. Allen states that John Yoders, while in the line of his duty, at or near Kelley's Ford in the State of Virginia on or about the 21st day of August 1862 received a gunshot wound through the right leg immediately below the knee joint while on the skirmish line and engaged with the enemy. Yoders was helped back to the rear and removed to a hospital at Washington, D.C. Allen also states that he was with the command at the time and saw the claimant at the time and witnessed the facts stated. Claimant never returned to the regiment, from the hospital, after said wound. Affiant does not know definitely of Yoders' hospital treatment. Claimant was a stout able bodied soldier during his said service up until the time of said wound, so far as affiant knows and he believes he would have known anything to the con(trary).

Proof of Disability
State of Pennsylvania
County of Washington

On 21 March 1881, Capt. H.P. Boon, aged 46, a resident of Washington Boro, Washington Co, PA, swears that he is acquainted with John Yoders, a private in Company B First Regiment of West Va. Cavalry Vols., who was discharged at Baltimore, Maryland on or about the 6th of April, 1863 by reason of Surgeon's Certificate. Capt. H.P. Boon states that John Yoders, while in the line of his duty, at or near Kelleys Ford in the State of Virginia, did, on or about the 21 day of August 1862, receive a gunshot wound through the right leg immediately below the knee, while on the skirmish line and engaged with the enemy. Capt. H.P. Boon states the he was present with the command at the time the said wound was received. Claimant was sent to the hospital immediately after said wound. Capt. H.P. Boon further states that he is well acquainted with John Yoders, having known him for at least twenty years and that his knowledge of the facts stated is derived from said acquaintance, and from having served as Lieut and Capt of Company "B" of the First Regiment of W. Virginia Cav. Volunteers, from the 6th day of August 1861 to the 12th day of July 1865. Capt. Boon believes that Yoders was a sound and able-bodied man at and prior to enlistment, so far as he knew, and that he is totally disinterested in this claim.

H.P. Boon (signed)

No. 93.491
War Department

Surgeon General's Office
Record and Pension Division

Washington, D.C., March 13th, 1882

I have the honor to return herewith your request for a report of hospital treatment in Claim No. 24.372, with such information as is furnished by the records filed in this Office, viz: that Priv. Jno. Yodders, Co. B, 1st VA. Cav. was admitted to Emory G.H., Washington, D.C., Augt. 25, '62 with Debility and transferred Sept. 1 '62. Also, that Priv. John Yoders, Co. B, 1st Va. Cav., was admitted to Camden Street G.H., Baltimore, Md., Nov 24, '62 with a gunshot wound and discharged the service Apr. 6 '63. No further record in this case found. List casualties of Regiment Augt. '62 and records of Regiment not on file.

J.J. Woodward (signed)
Surgeon, U.S. Army

Examining Surgeon's Certificate
In the Case of an Original applicant
No. 24.372
Name of claimant - John Yoders
Rank - Private
Company - B
Regiment - 1 W Va. Cav.

Examining Surgeon's address - Pittsburgh, Alleghany Co., Pa.
Date of examination - Nov. 22, 1882

We hereby certify That we have carefully examined this applicant, who claims that while in the service of the United States, ----------, he incurred G. S. wd right leg + resulting epilepsy, and that in consequence thereof he is 1/4 disabled for earning his subsistence by manual labor. He states that he is 42 years of age, that he weighs 155 pounds, and that he is 6 feet 1 inches in height.
His pulse-rate per minute is 80, his respiration 18, and his temperature normal.
The examination reveals the following facts: Ball entered just below right popliteal space and came out through head of fibula. He states several pieces of bone were removed. Motions of knee joint are not impaired. He complains of pain in knee on over exertion. Disability one fourth.
He gives the history of epilepsy and claims it to be the result of the above named wd. We see no connection between the epilepsy and the alleged cause.
He has organic disease of the heart indicated by enlarged area of cardiac dullness frequent + forable impulse valvular murmur shortness of breath etc.
We find the disability as above described to entitle him to 1/4 rating.

J. Wilson Winhart (signed)
D.M. McMasters (signed)
W.J. Huselton (signed)

W.S. Parker, Attorney at Law
Washington, Pa., April 12, 1889
Hon. Secretary of War, Washington, D.C.

Mr. John Yoders, a pensioner under certificate No. 24.372 late a member of Co. A. 22nd Pa. Cav. Vol. is now insane resulting from epilepsy. He was shot through right knee while in service for which pensioned. Also had epi----while in service (see evidence on file to said No. in Pension -----Mr. Yoders has no money or property and-----able to care for or pay for care of him------- Will you please inform me what------he admitted to the Government-----when the proofs on file in his-----.

(-----part of page torn and missing)

Adjutant General's Office
Washington, D.C., March 28, 1870

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No. 24.372, and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that John Yoders was enrolled on the 4th day of March, 1864, at New Brighton in Co. "A", 22nd Regiment of Penn. Cav. Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a Recruit on the 4th day of March 1864, at New Brighton, in Co. "A", 22nd Regiment of Penn. Cav. Volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war. On the Muster out Roll of Detachment of that Regiment taken May 30, 1865, he is reported Discharged at U.S. Gen'l Hospital, Cumberland, Md on that date under G.O. 77 A.G.O. No further evidence of disability.
I am, Sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
H. Martin (signed)
Assistant Adjutant General

In the book, Dear Esther, by Ralph Haas, 1991: "Became a Ringgold on March 4th, 1864. He was discharged by general order on May 30th, 1865. Documents show a good soldier, but for some unknown reason he was later confined to the Soldier's Insane Asylum in Washington, D.C., where he died some time later."

John Yoders died at the St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D. C. on November 12, 1897.