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Chapter I.

Political and Social Condition of the People of the Pan-handle Counties of Virginia.

Chapter II.

Enrollment of Volunteers for the Three Months' Service

Chapter III.

Organization of the Three Months' Regiment

Chapter IV.

Departure for the Seat of War and "Battle" of Philippi

Chapter V.

Other Operations - End of Term of Enlistment - Muster Out of Regiment - Result of the Campaign

Chapter VI.

Recruiting for the Three Years' Regiment - Organization and Departure for the Field

Chapter VII.

Operations in General - Arrival of the Regiment at Romney - The Ration, Forage, etc.

Chapter VIII.

Affair at Blue's Gap - Retreat from Romney - Death of General Lander, etc.

Chapter IX.

Shield's Division - Advance to the Shenandoah Valley

Chapter X.

Advance up the Valley - Description of it - Withdrawal from Strasburg to Winchester

Chapter XI.

Battle of Kearnstown

Chapter XII.

Pursuit of the Enemy - Advance up the Valley - Hostility of the People -
Arrival in the Luray Valley, etc.

Chapter XIII.

General Operations - Skirmishing on the Shenandoah - March down the Luray Valley and through
the Blue Ridge - Catlett's Station - Arrival opposite Fredericksburg - Visit of the President

Chapter XIV.

Return to the Luray Valley - Forced March

Chapter XV.

Battle of Port Repuiblic - Retreat of the Two Brigades - In Camp at Cloud's Mills

Chapter XVI.

Camp at Cloud's Mills - Advance to the Rappahannock - Attached to Rickett's Division -
Battle of Cedar Mountain - Retreat of the Enemy - Appearance of the Field of Battle, etc.

Chapter XVII.

Fighting on the Rappahannock - Second Battle of Bull Run - Repulse of the Union Army

Chapter XVIII.

Rebel Prisoners - Arrival at Arlington Heights - Condition of the Regiment -
Return to Camp Carlisle - General Operations

Chapter XIX.

At North Mountain and Romney - General Operations - Movements on the Potomac -
Return to Romney - Mountain Service

Chapter XX.

Withdrawal to New Creek - Re-enlistment of the Men - "Veteran Furlough" -
Advance to and up the Valley - Battle of New Market

Chapter XXI.

Battle of Piedmont - Total Rout of the Enemy - Incidents - Expedition to Lynchburg -
Prisoners - Arrival before and Fighting at Lynchburg

Chapter XXII.

Retreat from Lynchburg to the Kanawha Valley - Incidents and Losses - General Operations -
Condition of the South

Chapter XXIII.

Advance of the Regiment to the Valley - Fight at Snicker's Ferry - Battle at Winchester -
Retreat of the Union Army - Movements in Maryland and Virginia - Up and down the Valley -
Battle at Winchester and Retreat of the Enemy - Battle of Fisher's Hill and Defeat of the Enemy -
Devastation in the Valley

Chapter XXIV.

Defeat of Early near Woodstock - Down and up the Valley - Captured Guns, etc. - Battle of Cedar Creek
and Total Rout of the Enemy - Death of Colonel Thoburn - Result of the Battle - Regiment ordered
to Cumberland - Termination of Service of the Regiment - Incidents - Close of the War - Losses

Chapter XXV.

The Government Successful - Plea for the Soldier, etc.

Concluding Remarks.

Appendix A.
Officers and Men of the Three Months' Service.

Appendix B.
Officers and Men of the Three Years' Service.