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H. H. Hardesty's History of Wetzel County, West Virginia

     John Cosgray - son of Ignatius and Elizabeth (Diamond) Cosgray and Emma McAlister, daughter of Robert and Martha (Duncan) McAlister, were united in marriage in Wetzel county, February 14, 1861, and their children are recorded: Robert Ignatius, born August 17, 1862; Clarissa, August 10, 1864, died December 6, 1872; Mary O., June 29, 1867; Henry McCade, October 21, 1869; Albert D., August 4, 1873, died March 5, 1874; Julia Anne, February 16, 1875; James Perry, October 19, 1877, died January 18, 1882; Christian, March 31, 1880; Martha E., May 14, 1882. The birth of John Cosgray was in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, February 14, 1831, and his wife was born in Ohio, at Newton Falls, January 29, 1847. He enlisted in December, 1863, in Company E, 1st West Virginia Infantry, and was honorably discharged in July, 1865, participating in the battles of New Market, Piedmont, Berryville, Snickers Gap, Lynchburg, Opequon Creek, Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek. Daniel Diamond, grandfather of John Cosgray, served in the Continental army through the seven years of the war for Independence, furnishing without pay seven horses for the service. After the establishment of peace he erected the first iron works in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. In 1858, John Cosgray made his home in Wetzel county, and he is one of the substantial residents of Green district, where he owns 400 acres of land. Pine Grove, Wetzel county, West Virginia, is his postoffice address.