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Submitted by Sam Criswell.

      Elijah Criswell, born in February 1837 in (W) Virginia, was the third child of John Criswell (c 1807->1880) and Lydia Orum (c 1810-1893).

     At the outset of the Civil War, Elijah, 24, answered the first call and enlisted to serve in Company "E" of the 1st (W) Virginia Infantry, organized for three months, May-August 1861. He was described as six feet tall with light hair, blue eyes and light complexion.

     In June 1861, near Phillipi, (W) Virginia, Elijah was "struck by cold settling in the head and eyes." His eyes became diseased and he went blind. He was discharged from the service in August 1861.

     Elijah, a cooper, married Mary Elizabeth Carr on May 17, 1862 in West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Mary, born September 20, 1845 in Ohio County, (W) Virginia, was the daughter of William Carr (1812-1894) and Rachel McCombs (1820-1893).

     The children of Elijah and Mary Elizabeth were:

Ellis Milroy, Jul 26, 1867- Feb 9, 1948)
Esther M., Jan 1870 - bef 1880
McNalty (Mack), Jan 15, 1871 - Jun 7, 1905)
Maggie, Sep 20, 1872 -
Jennie, Feb 7, 1875 -
Evalina, c 1877 - < 1898
Walter Isaac, Nov 28, 1884 - Jun 27, 1967) (my ggf)
Edna Mae, Dec 25, 1894 -

     The death of Elijah Criswell occurred on January 19, 1910 at Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Mary died January 22, 1930 at Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio. Both are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Bellaire, Belmont, County, Ohio.