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     David Fluharty and David B. Fluharty both served in Company "H" of the First W.Va. Infantry. It appears that one was listed in the Muster rolls as "David B. Fluharty" to distinguish between the two. David B. Fluharty, 21, did not muster in until April 8, 1864 (enlisted March '64). David Fluharty was 36 when he mustered in Oct. 29, 1861. David B. gave a declaration to support the pension application of David Fluharty.

     David Fluharty, born May 31, 1826 in Tyler County, (W.)Va., was the son of William Fluharty and Mary Snodgrass, according to family legend. No marriage or divorce record for William and Mary has been found but both married others. William married Margaret West, the widow of James Cunningham, and Mary married -- Floyd.

     David Fluharty was first married to "Vina" Springer, daughter of Uriah and Lydia (McDaniel) Springer. They had one daughter, Ann Jane Fluharty, age 9 in the 1860 census of Wetzel County, (W.)Va. census (#332). Following Vina's death in April 1861, David married her sister, Susan Springer, August 29, 1861 in Reader, Wetzel County, W.Va.

     David Fluharty's rank in the 1864 Adjutant General's Report shows that he was a Corporal but this is not found elsewhere. There are pages in his pension file pertaining to "David B. Fluharty" and might pertain to the other man of that name.

Pension Application, National Archives (Selections)

"A" Declaration for Original Invalid Pension. "A"

State of Virginia
County of Wetzel
     On this 26th day of MARCH A.D., one thousand eight hundred and seventy EIGHT personally appeared before me JOHN C. McELDOWNEY Clerk; the same being a Court of record of the County and State aforesaid DAVID FLUHARTY a resident of PINE GROVE County of WETZEL State of WEST VIRGINIA who being by me duly sworn according to law, on his solemn oath, deposes as follows, to wit:
     "I am the identical DAVID FLUHARTY who was enrolled on the 11th day of FEBRUARY 1864 in Company F of the 2d Reg't of West Virginia Vols., commanded by Captain William Murphy and I was honorably discharged at WHEELING, W.Va. on the -- day of JULY 1865 and my age is now 52 years. While in the service aforesaid, and in the line of my duty I received the following disability, to wit:

May 15th 1864, at the action of New Market Va I received a gunshot wound in my left arm carrying away the leader which connect with the hand. I was first sent to the Hospital at Martinsburg and from thence to Clarysville Md. Here I contracted a severe cold which settled in my lungs and since my discharge I have suffered a great deal from them and from catarrh in my head so affecting my eyes as to blind me at times. The wound in my arm has rendered my hand almost useless, as the leaders are gone. I claim a pension for gunshot wound debility.

     I have never been employed in the Military or Naval Service of the United States otherwise than set forth above. Since leaving the Service, I have resided at PINE GROVE WEST VIRGINIA and my occupation has been FARMING before my entry into the Service aforesaid I was of good, sound physical health, being at enrollment FARMER and I am now VERY MUCH disabled from obtaining my subsistence by manual labor by reason of my disabilites above stated, received in the service of the United States, and I make this Declaration for the purpose of being placed on the Invalid Pension Roll of the United States. I hereby appoint and empower, with full power of substitution, Nathan W. Fitzgerald, of Washington City, D.C. my true and lawful Attorney to prosecute my claim. My Post Office is PINE GROVE County of WETZEL State of WEST VIRGINIA"

David Fluharty (Claimant's signature)
(Witnesses) Charles G. Fluharty & Jacob Fluharty
26 March 1878

War Department
Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, D.C., Augt 19th, 1878.

     I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No. 253.214, and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
     It appears from the Rolls on file at this Office, that DAVID FLUHARTY was enrolled on the 13th day of Sept, 1861, at NEW MARTINSVILLE in Co. "H" 1st Regiment of W.Va. Inft. Volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war, and mustered into service as a Private on the 29th day of OCT, 1861, at WHEELING VA, in Co. "H", 1st Regiment of W.Va. Inft Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war. On the Muster Rolls of Co. "H", of that Regiment, from enrollment to June 30th, 1862, he is reported Present or on furlough, July & Augt 1862. Deserted wilfully(?) July 27th 1862. Sept & Oct 1862 name not borne. Nov & Dec 1862 Absent. Apprehended Nov 21st 1862 in Cumberland Md. awaiting trial. Jan & Feby 1863 Present with remarks. Deserted July 27th 1862, returned to Co Nov 21st 1862 was sent to Cumberland for trial and released Jany 8th 1863 and restored to duty by Col. Thoburn. Mch & Apl 1863 Present. May & June 1863 Same report, July & Sugt 1863 Absent in Cumberland Hospt Md. Sept & Oct 1863 Present. Nov & Dec 1863 Same Report. Jan & Feby 1864 Absent on Vet Furlough - re-enlisted as V.V. Feby 11th 1864. Mch & Apl 1864 Present. May & June 1864. Absent in Hospt at Cumberland Md. wounded in action at New Market May 15th 1864. July & Augt 1864 Same Report. Sept & Oct. 1864 Present. On muster roll of Co. "F" 2d W.Va. Vet. Vols for No & Dec 1864 (to which transferred) he is reported Present. Same report to Apl 30th 1865.
(NOTE: I am not certain that the remainder of this report applies to David Fluharty, but rather to David B. Fluharty. Another document in this file supports this theory - (See Document)

May & June 1865. Deserted June 7th 1865. Det. M.O.R. dated Augt 3d 1865 reports him Private mustered out of service at Wheeling, W.Va. with remarks. Reported for Muster out Augt 3d 1865. Mustered out to take effect from July 16th 1865 date of muster out of Co at Clarksburg W.Va. by reason of Telegram dated W.D. A.G.O., Washington, DC June 24th 1865. Co arrived at State Gen'l Rendezvous Wheeling WVa July 19th 1865. The regt was in action at New Market May 15th 1864. Regtl & Co Books of the 1st W.Va. Vet. Vols are not on file. The records of this office do not show the nature & location of the wound on account of which he is reported absent on roll for May & June 1864. Deserted Jany 20th 1865. He was tried by Court Mrtial on the charge of desertion, found not guilty of desertion but guilty of absent without leave and sentenced to forfeit $10 per month of his monthly pay for three months. G. O. No 9 Dept of West Va. April 24th 1865."

Signed by the Assistant Adjutant General, ?, W. Benjamin.

Affidavit of DAVID B. FLUHARTY (also in Company H)

GENERAL AFFIDAVIT - State of W.Va., county of WETZEL, ss:
     In claim No. 209370 of DAVID FLUHARTY of Co. H of the 1- Regt. of W.Va. Vols. Personally appeared before the undersigned duly authorized to administer oaths within and for said County, DAVID B. FLUHARTY aged 44 years, whose P. O. is PINE GROVE, County of WETZEL, State of W.Va., who being duly sworn, states in relation to said claim as follows to-wit:

     I have been acquainted with this applicant all my life. I allso served bout 15 months in the service war of Rebellion & the next day after the fight at Cedar Creek E Va about the 18 May 1864 said applicant showed me where a ball had struck his buckle on his belt in front & the flesh was turned black the size of a mans hand. & protruded out the size of a hen's egg. I allso further know that while our command lay at Cumberland MD in Dec 1864 said applicant complained of his head & throat hurting him & had them tied up for some time & since the war said applicant has complained continuously of his head hurting him. I live about 5 or 6 miles of applicant & have almost ever since the war. I make this statement from personal knowledge being an eyewitness to the facts above narated & in the sane Co and Regt with this applicant.

David B (his X mark) Fluharty (Affiant's signature)
U. J. Stalkpole & J. H. Ally

[17 July 1889]

     David Fluharty was dropped from the pension roll "because of death" May 17, 1898.

     Samuel Springer, brother of Vina and Susan, stated in an affidavit in Susan Springer Fluharty's widow's pension application, that he was present at the death of Vina in April 1861. Samuel also served in Company H.

     Susan Springer Fluharty was dropped from the pension roll "because of death" March 1, 1917. David and Susan are both buried at Fluharty Cemetery, Ross Twp., Wetzel County, W.Va.