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Submitted by Joseph D. Parriott; typed by Linda Fluharty.

Moundsville Echo, March 10, 1914

(not Golintine)


     Coroner J. T. McCombs was called to Glen Easton Sunday to investigate what appeared to be the mysterious death of William Golintine, an aged veteran of the Civil War,whose death occurred sometime between midnight Saturday night and Sunday morning at his home near Ragansville, just below Glen Easton.
     A man named Johnson, who said he was a half brother of the dead man, lived in the same house with Golintine. Golintine was found dead Sunday morning and when the undertaker was called to the house Johnson told him that Golintine had some money, and demanded that the undertaker make a search for it. This the undertaker declined to do by himself and two men from Glen Easton were called to the house. Golintine's pocketbook was found, but it contained only one dollar.
     Coroner McCombs was called and learned that Golintine had had his pension order cashed at James Lutes' store at Glen Easton Saturday, and that he had been seen to have the money. It is not doubted that Golintine either lost the money or hid it and no evidence has been found which would fasten suspicion up on anyone.
     Coroner McCombs had the body removed to the morgue and Dr. W. F. Crow held an autopsy when it was found that Golintine's death had been caused by paralysis of the heart, and the coroner's jury returned a verdict to that effect. Golintine is known to have been afflicted with heart disease.

NOTE: Wm. Gallentine served in Company "D" 1st West Virginia Infantry & 2nd Veteran Infantry.