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History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia
Compiled and written by J. H. Newton, G. C. Nichols, and A. G. Sprankle, 1879; page 394.

     G. W. Evans, is a native of Iowa, and was born near Burlington in 1844, and is the son of Walter and Sarah Evans. His parents emigrated to Virginia when he was a mere child, and located about six miles east of Moundsville, near what is now known as Roseby's Rock. He lived with his father until December, 1854, assisting on the farm and attending subscription schools, (there being no free schools at that time), and then after the death of his mother, which occurred at that time, he was bound out to a Mr. Roberts, at the age of ten years. He only remained with him one winter, when he went to his grandfather Evans', who was living at Roseby's Rock. In 1856, his father married again, and he then went back to live with his father. He enlisted in 1861, and was a member of a Company D, First West Virginia Infantry. Was in the engagement at Blue's Gapin that year. In the spring of 1862, he took a commercial course under Professor Hitchcock, of Wheeling Commercial College. Married Miss Mary L. Edwards in 1872. They have a family of two children, a boy and a girl. He has followed various vocations. He is at present serving as justice of the peace.