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H. H. Hardesty's History of Wetzel County, West Virginia

     Walter Harvey Hitchcock was a son of Joshua and Rhoda (Stouton) Hitchcock, whose record has just been given. He was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania July 6, 1834, and came with them to Wetzel county in 1847. In this county, September 28, 1854, the words were spoken joining his life with that of Lavina A. Wilson, and they are the parents of: Nora, born June 14, 1855; Rosanna, April 20, 1857; Maggie B. V., March 23, 1859; Mary Wilson, February 4, 1861, died June 13, 1868; James O., August 14, 1865; Anna May, September 14, 1866; George W., March 22, 1872, died August 6, 1876; Minnie D., September 26, 1875; Marietta B., June 16, 1877; Lydia V., February 18, 1881. The parents of Lavina A., wife of Mr. Hitchcock, were born in England, William and Ann (Douglas) Wilson, the former born in Oxfordshire, and the latter in Witten. Mrs. Hitchcock's birth was in Ohio county, Virginia (now West Virginia), October 18, 1835. She had three brothers in the 1861 war, William, George and James Wilson. The latter was in the artillery service, and the two former in the 1st West Virginia. William was wounded in the battle of Port Republic, and again at Moorefield. George stayed to take care of him on the latter battlefield, and was made prisoner, and underwent the horrors of confinement in Libby prison. Walter H. Hitchcock was so fortunate as to return unharmed from three years faithful service in the West Virginia Infantry. He has been three years constable, and several years school commissioner in his district, which is Magnolia. Farming and stock-raising are his occupations, and his address is New Martinsville, Wetzel county, West Virginia.