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Information & Photo submitted by Kathy Huish.


George Hyde Huish.



      George Hyde Huish, born 8 Jul 1839, was the son of John and Frances (Orpin) Huish of Middlesex, England.

     George served in Company "D" of the 1st Infantry 3 month organization, May 15, 1861 to August 27, 1861.

     On November 12, 1863, George married Elizabeth "Miss Lizzie" Patton in the house of Mrs. Roseburg, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Patton was born in 1845 in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Four children were born to this union: William Hyde Huish born January 11, 1865; Samuel Hyde Huish, February 20, 1867; John Hyde Huish, August 17, 1869 and Harriet Rachel Huish, July 27, 1873. All were born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

     George and Elizabeth lived at 2308 Sarah Avenue, Pittsburgh from February of 1895 until his death 14 months later. George Hyde Huish died April 10, 1896 at the age of 55 of Brights disease, after suffering with the illness for over a year. Just 3 years later, in August of 1899, his widow Elizabeth passed away at South Side Hospital in Pittsburgh from Typhoid fever. Both George and Elizabeth lay to rest at South Side Cemetery in Pittsburgh. Samuel and John moved to Indiana Harbor area of Lake County, Indiana for a short time in the early 1900's, but both soon moved to Youngstown, Ohio where they worked in the steel mills until they retired. Samuel passed away August 5, 1953, and John July 27, 1951.

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