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William H. Lambey is named in the biography of his father.

H. H. Hardesty's History of Wetzel County, West Virginia

     Marcus Lambey, M. D. - was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 10, 1809, a son of William and Letita (Palmer) Lambey, who died in England, in Wheeling, Ohio county, Virginia, (now West Virginia), April 5, 1833, he was united in marriage with Mary A. Martin, who was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1811, a daughter of Alexander and Catherine (Wickert) Martin. Her mother died in Wheeling, and her father's demise was in Belmont county, Ohio. The five children of Dr. and Mrs. Lambey present the following genealogical record: Julia A. was born June 14, 1835, married William Kigar, October 4, 1855, and they live in Wirt county, West Virginia; Mary J., born July 9, 1837, married George Amos, November 6, 1856, and they live in Wetzel county; William H., born November 7, 1840, was a soldier three years in the civil war, Company K, 1st Virginia infantry, married Rosanna Bland, July 6, 1865, and they live in Calhoun county, West Virginia; Amanda, born July 14, 1843, married Francis M. Watts, and they live in Wetzel county; Susan, born June 5, 1842, died August 30, 1842. Dr. Lamby (sic) has practiced medicine since 1830, and has made his home in Wetzel County, since April 1, 1855. He is a physician of the Allopic school, and read medicine with Dr. Clemens, long deceased. Himself and wife have been in the membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church for upwards of forty years, and are loved and respected by all who know them. Dr. Lambey's post office address is New Dale, Wetzel county, West Virginia.