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1st Lieutenant & Quartermaster

Biography compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty, 2005.

1st Group

L-R, Standing: Capt. William Robb, Capt. John Craig, Lt. William Singleton.
Seated: Capt. Richard Radcliff, Capt. James McElroy, Lt. Thomas McKee.
(Submitted by John D. Janes.)



A photo album of this family is owned by Linda Fluharty.

     William "Thomas" Singleton was appointed by General Kelley to serve as the Quartermaster Sergeant of the First West Virginia Infantry, organized at the outset of the war for service from May-August 1861. When the 3 month regiment was reorganized, he was appointed by Col. Thoburn to serve as First Lieutenant and Quartermaster.

     The "Honorably Discharged" W. Va. Civil War medal of William T. Singleton is owned by Linda Cunningham Fluharty. Inscription: "W T SINGLETON Q M SERgt 1st REG 3 MONTHS INF VOLS." - The records of his 3 months' service, list him as "Thomas W. Singleton." His correct name is reflected in his widow's pension file. The medals were typically inscribed for the last company and regiment of service - but in this case, with the name transposed on this medal, there were probably two medals struck for this soldier. The other would be for his service in the 3 year First Infantry.

     A comprehensive biography of this family has been compiled and might be published in a book at a later date.