Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty; some information provided by Judy Burgess Kimble.

     Private Christopher Columbus Burgess, the son of Rebecca Burgess, was born 24 Feb 1845 in Hardy County, (W) Virginia. He enlisted 25 Dec 1861 in Company "I" of the 7th (W) Virginia Infantry and then re-enlisted 3 Jan 1864 and served in Company "B." During his service, he received a gunshot wound to the left shoulder and left leg . He was honorably discharged at Munson's Hill, Virginia on 1 July 1865. He was married first to Susan Keplinger, with whom he had 9 daughters. Following Susan's death, he married Martha J. Martin and they had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Christopher was a farmer and he died 18 Mar 1928 at Jordan Run, Grant County,West Virginia, near Maysville. He is buried in the Burgess Family Cemetery at Jordan Run, which was his homeplace.

1860 Census, District 2, Hardy County, (W) Virginia
Isaac Kessel, 51, $150, b VA
Rebecca Kessel, 46, b VA
Catharine Kessel, 22, b VA
Jane Kessel, 8, b VA
Elizabeth Kessel, 6, b VA
Seymour Kessel, 3
Columbus Burgess, 14
Elizabeth Burgess, 8
Margaret Rouss, 7

1870 Census, Union District, Grant County, (W) Virginia
Col. C. Burgess, 25, farmer, $940, $300, b VA
Susan, 23, b VA
Margaret, 3, b WV
Emily S., 2, b WV
Idah(?) C., 1, b WV

1880 Census, District 41, Union Twp, Grant County, (W) Virginia
Columbus Burgess, 31, farmer, VA VA VA
Susan, 33, Wife, Keeping House, VA VA VA
Margaret J., 14, Dau, At home, WV VA VA
Emily S., 12, Dau, At home, WV VA VA
Ida E., 10, Dau, At home, WV VA VA
Nancy C., 9, Dau, WV VA VA
Ann Rabecca, 7, Dau, WV VA VA
Hettie C., 2, Dau, WV VA VA

1900 Census, District 24, Union Twp, Grant County, (W) Virginia
C. C. Burgess, 55, b Feb 1845, Married 10 years, Farmer, WV WV WV
Martha Jane, Wife, 34, b Apr 1866, 5 children/5 living, WV VA WV
Delpha M., 9, Dau, b May 1891, At school, WV WV WV
Isaac S, 7, Son, b Sep 1892, At school, WV WV WV
Lottie F., 6, Dau, b Apr 1894, At school, WV WV WV
Ottie A., 4, Dau (Son?), b Jun 1896, WV WV WV
Lucy V., 2, Dau, b Apr 1898, WV WV WV