Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

Information provided by Norma Houston, great granddaughter.

     David Exline, b. 1828, was the son of Abraham and Elizabeth, residents of the Ritchie/Harrison County, (West) Virginia area.*

     David originally enlisted in Company "H," 7th (West) Virginia Infantry, at Grafton, Taylor County. He later served in Company "B." At Antietam, he received a bullet wound in the chest, leaving a mini ball lodged near his sternum.

     David was "discharged" in 1864 but he was permanently disabled. This injury devastated his family, as he was barely able to work. He lived a miserable 14 years longer, dying from coughing caused by pneumonia.

     After he was released from the Parkersburg Hospital, David moved to Indiana and attempted to farm. At one point, he was in Dubois County with a relative, James Exline, who signed an Affadavit for him when he applied for a pension. He lived mostly in Gibson County, but died just across the river in Knox County.

     The early information given here is based on information from David's pension record at the National Archives. He received a meager $4.00 per month, and his health deteriorated, according to the Surgeon's reports. Toward the end, his complexion was "gray."

     John Exline, grandfather of David Exline, was in the Revolution from Virginia and died in Ohio.

*Note: In Harrison County, (West) Virginia, Abraham Exline married Elizabeth Thompson, d/o Hulda Smith, 19 July 1818.