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Compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty

     ANDREW COULTER was born August 1834 [per 1900 Census], in Belmont County, Ohio [per enlistment record]. He was the son of Andrew Coulter, born in Pennsylvania, and Phoebe Workman, born in Ohio. Andrew and Phoebe were married in Belmont County, Ohio, February 2, 1832. Andrew Sr.'s mother was Elizabeth, possibly born in Delaware, as indicated in one census record.

1850 Census, Switzerland, Monroe County, OH
Andrews Coulter, b abt 1808
Phebe Coulter, b abt 1824
Andrew Coulter, b abt 1834
William Coulter, b abt 1836
Joshua Coulter, b abt 1838
Jesse Coulter, b abt 1840
Abrom Coulter, b abt 1842
Harrison Coulter, b abt 1844
Sarah E Coulter, b abt 1846
Phebe Coulter, b abt 1848
Margaret Coulter, b abt 1850

     According to his application for a government pension, Andrew Coulter's marriage was performed by Jacob Schoppat in 1855 in Monroe County, Ohio. He stated the marriage record exists at the courthouse at Woodsfield, Ohio. His wife was Mary E. Wilson, according to family history. At the time of the 1860 census, they were residents of Marshall County, West Virginia.

1860 Census, Marshall County, (West) Virginia
Martha E...4-wf...OH
Wm. Wilson...21-wm...OH

     Andrew served with the 12th Infantry from August 20, 1862 to June 16, 1865. His Prisoner of War records says: "Captured at Winchester, Va., June 15, 1863; confined at Richmond, Va., June 23, 1863. Paroled at City Point, Va., July 2, 1863. Reported at College Green Apls [Annapolis], Md., July 3, 1863. Sent to Camp Parole Md., July 5, 1863 where he arrived the same day. Deserted July 31, 1863. No evidence of medical treatment or disability and no further information.”

     Medical information: Absent in Convalescent Camp, Harper’s Ferry, July & August 1864. - Returned from Convalescent Hospital, Sandy Hook, Md. - Other records state he was treated at Hospital #1, Beverly, Hospital #1, Cumberland and Hospital at Clairville, Md. from November 1862 to March 1863.

     The whereabouts of Andrew in 1870 is not known. His parents were still in Monroe County, Ohio in 1870 but by 1880 both families were living in Putnam County, West Virginia. Joshua Coulter, the brother of Andrew, served in Company "H" of the First West Virginia Cavalry.

1880 Census, Union District, Putnam County, (West) Virginia
Andrew Coulder...45-wm...farmer...OH

1880, Union District, Putnam County, West Virginia
Andrew Coulter, 72, Farmer, b PA DE DE
Phoeba Coulter, 66, Wife, Keeping House, b Ohio
Phoeba Coulter, 32, Dau., At Home, b Ohio
Maggie, 30, Dau., At Home, b Ohio
John H Coulter, 17, Son, At Home, b Ohio
Amos Coulter, 25, Son, At Home, b Ohio
Hanson Coulter, 14, Grandson, At Home, b Ohio

     From statements and records in the pension application of Andrew Coulter, the following additional information is gleaned regarding his places of residence: In 1868 and 1873, he was living in Marshall County, W. Va. In the 1890 Census of Veterans, Andrew was in Precinct 2, Dennison, Grayson, Texas. Friends from that area gave affidavits to support his pension claim.

     In documents dated dated July 24, 1890 and December 9, 1891, Andrew lists his address as Carterville, Jasper County, Missouri; he also mentioned Joplin, Missouri.

     Disabilities claimed in pension application: Disease of lungs result of measles and Rheumatism, dis. of heart, dis. of lungs. Nervous system. On December 23, 1891, he stated he was 5’ 8”, 130 lbs., age 56.

     The date of death of Andrew's wife, Mary, is not known. In a questionnaire dated August 4, 1898, Andrew gave the following information about his living children: "William, born 1856; David, born 1858; Elmer, 1866; Ulysses, 1870; Avery, 1872; Henry, 1880."

     Information provided by Tim Daugherty, descendant: "Andrew had a daughter, Phoebe Jane Coulter, who married my great grandfather, John Daugherty." Tim provided a biography of JOHN DAUGHERTY, and of about John's son, WILLIAM ORION DAUGHERTY.

     In the 1900 Census, Andrew was a farmer, age 65, living in District 200, Moore, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, with the youngest sons, Avery and Henry. Their birthdates are given in the census as Avery, born Feb 1875 and Henry, born Feb 1879.

     Andrew Coulter died in Oklahoma in February 1907.