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WILLIAM L. ROBERTS, Capt., Company "C"

Descendants of William L. Roberts


Transcribed by Linda Fluharty.


To Whom It May Concern:

     Know ye, That WILLIAM L. ROBERTS, Company "A" 12th Regiment of West Virginia Infantry Volunteers who was enrolled as 1st Lieut on the Twenty-third day of August one thousand eight hundred and Sixty-two to serve Three years or during the war, is hereby Discharged from the service of the United States, this Sixteenth day of June, 1865, at Richmond Virginia by reason of Gen Order from War Dept dated May 29th 1865. (No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist.*)
     Said WILLIAM L. ROBERTS was born in Marshall Co in the State of West Virginia, is Twenty-nine years og age, Five feet Ten inches high, Dark complexion, Hazel eyes, Black hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a Carpenter.
     Given at Richmond Virginia this Sixteenth day of June 1865.

*This sentence will be erased should there be anything in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier rendering him unfit for the Army.

Gen Horton, 2nd Lieut. 34th Mass Inf Vols
and (Illegible)

Wm B. Curtis
Col Comdg Regt

Examining Surgeon's Certificate

Wheeling West Virginia Nov 30, 1869

     I hereby certify, That I have carefully examined WILLIAM R. ROBERTS, late a 1st Lieut Co "C" 12th Reg (Applicant's service.) West Virginia Vols.
     in the service of the United States, who was discharged at Richmond Va., on the 16th day of June, 1865, and is an applicant for an invalid pension, by reason of alleged disability resulting from Disease of Liver and Lungs.
     In my opinion the said WILLIAM L. ROBERTS (Degree of disability.) is totally incapacitated for obtaining his subsistence by manual labor from the cause above stated.
     Judging from his present condition, and from the evidence before (Origin.) me, it is my belief that the said disability originated in the service aforesaid in the line of duty.
     (Probable duration.) This disability is PERMANENT IN MY OPINION.
     A more particular description of the applicant's condition is subjoined:

About the last day of June 1864 near Gauley Bridge West Virginia - on the Hunter Raid subjected to exposure and "starvation", he became weak, had pain in his right side and in his left shoulder and limbs accompanied with dizziness in his head which continued requiring medical treatment nearly constantly up to the time he arrived with regiment at Deep Bottom Va. about 1st Jan - --- 1865 when all his symptoms became greatly aggravated and accompanied with enlargement and projection from under the edge of his ribs in his right side accompanied with great pain. This fullness gradually subsided in about two weeks. In the latter part of April 1865 at Richmond he had another "bad spell." At Richmond he had pain in his right side, breast, bones and all over the body. From this time he was "laid up" at intervals of every 2 or 3 weeks on up to about 1st April 1868 which he was attacked with hemorrhage from the lungs which attack was followed with a succession of hemorrhages with the --- days following which was followed with cough which has been troublesome and constant ever since. And since that time he has had occasionally severe hemorrhages and frequent spittings of blood. At present there is dullness on percussion over upper portion of both lungs - in right side in bronchial respiration in upper portion of left are --- rales in lower two-thirds of left lung no sound audible. He testifies that there is no consumption in his family. Constant expectoration purulent and muco-purulent very profuse in the morning - lancinating pain in left and center of his breast. Pain in region of liver at times but soreness there constantly which pressure aggravates. Weight on entering service 170 lbs now 128 lbs.

Examining Surgeon
P.O. Moundsville

State of West Virginia
County of Marshall}

     On this 17th day of June AD 1873 personally appeared before me Walter Evans a duly authorized officer of a court of Record in and for the County and State aforesaid Ada L. Roberts wjo being duly sworn according to law makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of the Acts of Congress increasing the Pensions of Officer's widows and orphans; that she is the widow of William L. Roberts who was 1st Lieutenant of Company A 12th Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry war 1861; that on account of his death she has been granted a pension of Seventeen dollars per month in accordance with a certificate numbered 144.581, bearing date 29th day of August AD 1870, and which is herewith returned that she has not remarried since the death of her husband abovementioned that the following are the names and dates of birth of all his legitimate children yet surviving and who were under sixteen years of age at the father's death, his by herself
MATTIE E. ROBERTS born on the 21 day of February AD 1865.
FRANK L. ROBERTS born on the 18th day of October AD 1867.
MAUD F. ROBERTS born on the 15th day of July AD 1870.
That she has not abandoned the support of any one of these children, but that they are still under her care and maintenance; that she hereby appoints John W. P. Reid of Moundsville Marshall County West Virginia her attorney to prosecute her claim; that her residence is Moundsville Marshall County West Virginia and he post office address is Ada L. Roberts Moundsville Marshall County West Virginia.

Signed by Ada L. Roberts

Also personally appeared John M. Bell and James H. McGill residents of Moundsville Marshall County West Virginia persons to me known to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn according to law say that they were present and saw the claimant Ada L. Roberts sign her name to the foregoing declaration, and from their acquaintance with her know her to be the identical person she represents herself to be that she has not remarried since her husband William L. Roberts' death, that the afore said children before named in the foregoing declaration are all the minor children of William L. Roberts de'cd by Ada L. Roberts his widow, under sixteen years of age at the father's death, and that said children are yet alive and that they have no interest whatever in this claim for increase in pension.

Signed by Jno M Bell & James H. McGill

19th June 1873, Walter Evans, Clerk

Increase of Widow's Pension
Original Certificate No. 144.581, Issued August 29, 1870.
WILLIAM L. ROBERTS, Rank, 1st Lieut; Company A; Regiment 12 West Va Vols

Residence, Marshall, County, and State of West Va.
Post Office, Moundsville, Marshall County, West Va.
Attorney, John W. P. Ried, Moundsville, West Va
Fee, $10.00
No contract, and no material evidence filed since July 8, 1870.
Rate of pension, $17.00 per month, commencing June 17th, 1865, the date at which the original pension commenced (Feb 28 1870), and two dollars per month for each of the following children:
MATTIE E.} Born, Feby 21, 1865; Sixteen, Feb 20, 1881
FRANK L.} Born, October 18, 1867; Sixteen, Oct 17, 1883
MAUD F.} Born, July 15, 1870; Sixteen, July 14, 1886

Admitted September 12, 1873 - - W. P. Glove, Examiner
Approved, Sept 18, 1873 - - L.C.W. Reviewer.

Dates Shown by Papers
Increase application filed July 7, 1873.
Marriage of soldier to 1st Wife, Feb 4, 1864.
Death of soldier, February 28, 1870.
Remarriage of widow, has not
Pension allowed from soldiers discharge from June 17 1865. Invalid claim pending.

Allegations of Claimant
(Stamped - Board--- Review, Nov 1, 1887)

Children of soldier by herself. NEW DECLARATION

Character of Proof

Marriage of William L. Roberts to Adda Koch
Records of Marshall County, West Virginia

Service. The Adjutant General U.S.A. reports name on the rolls as WILLIAM L. ROBERTS, Captain
also the rank, company, and regiment, and the dates of muster and discharge as stated on preceding page. He also reports him mustered A 1st lieutenant in Co C August 23 1862, and as Captain January 31, 1865 and as mustered out with Co A to which transferred.

Death. The Adjutant General U.S.A. reports. No evidence of wounds or disability.

Soldiers affidavit also that of Regimental Surgeon shows that he was at no time in any U.S. General Hospital.

Dr. L. P. Bryan, Surgeon 12th Regt West Va Infantry, testifies that while on duty with his company, William L. Roberts, a commissioned officer of said regiment, in the month of July, 1864, was attacked with acute hepatitis caused by hardships and exposure while on what is called the Hunter raid through Virginia and West Virginia and that he suffered from said disease more or less up to the day of his "muster-out"
Dr. John C. Hupp, Examining Surgeon, reports the following as the condition of this officer - Frequent Hemorrhages followed by cough and spittings of blood. At present there is dullness on percussion of both lungs. X Constant expectoration purulent and muco-purulent, pain in left and center of breast - pain in region of liver at times but soreness constantly.
Dr. J. W. Ney, Moundsville, West Va., attended this officer and sicne his return from the service up to his death and that he died of Consumption induced by disease (If there is another page, it is missing.)

Widow's Pension
C 144.581
Ada L. Roberts
William L. Roberts, 1st Lieut; Company A; Regiment 12th West Va Inf
Residence. MARSHALL County, and State of West Virginia
Post Office, Moundsville, Marshall Co West Va.
Attorney, Claimant. Attorney J. C. Wet--- not received(?)
Rate of Pension, $17, commencing June 17th, 1865, the date of discharge of officer
Admitted, August 18th, 1870. Wilson Miller, Examiner.
Approved, August 24, 1870. J. D. Wilson, Reviewer.

Dates Shown by Papers.

Enlistment, ---
Muster into rank. August 23rd, 1862
Discharge, June 16th, 1865.
Death, Feb. 28th, 1870.
Invalid app. filed, Oct 15th, 1869.
Invalid last paid to NOT COMPLETED
Widow's app. filed, April 16th 1870
Claim completed, April 16th, 1870.
Marriage to soldier, Feb 4th, 1864.
Remarriage of claimant, Not remarried

Cause of death, CONSUMPTION. Place of death, Moundsville, West Va.

Incidental matter.
Was a 1st Lieutenant at time disease was contracted.

Deposition C - (Special Examination of Pension Claim)
Case of Ada L. Roberts

     On this sixth day of October 1887, at County of Marshall, State of West Virginia, before me, Wm Hughes, a SPECIAL EXAMINER of the Pension Office, personallly appeared EZEKIEL GORBY, who being duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid claim, deposes and says:

     My age is 62 years and farmer and my P.O. address is Rosbys Rock, Marshall County, W.Va.
     I have known Mrs. Addie Roberts since about 1878 when she moved into a house of mine
     The house that Mrs. Roberts rented from me is about 300 or 400 yards distant from my own residence and she lived in it until 1884.
     About 2 weeks after Mrs. Roberts moved into my house THOMAS CLARK, a carpenter, came to it and made his home with her.
     Thomas Clark worked at his trade in the neighborhood and sometimes away from her but during all the time that Mrs. Roberts lived in my place after his first coming there he has no other home that I knew of.
When Mrs. Roberts moved out of my house Thomas Clark assisted in loading up the household effects and moved away along with her.
     Mrs. Roberts and Clark moved from my house to a house belonging to Mr. Thomas Benton Fish and lived there for a time, and from there thye moved to the house where they are now living and they are living in the same house at the present time.
     There were 2 apartments in the house that Mrs. Roberts rented from me and there was a loft also that could have been used asa sleeping apartment in it.
     There was a bed in the kitchen and a bed and a lounge in this apartment of the house where Mrs. Roberts rented from me.
     I do not know in which apartment Mrs. Roberts slept nor in which Thomas Clark slept.
     Mrs. Clark (error - should be Roberts) had 4 children at the time she lived in my house. 3 of these children were Capt Roberts' children and she drew pension for them.
     The fourth and youngest child was not a child of the soldier and she did not draw pension on account of it.
     One of Captain Roberts' children was born after he died and the other child was born somes yers afterward.
     The pensioner is not married to Thomas Clark or if she is she denies it.
     It is common report that Mrs. Roberts and Thomas Clark live together as husband and wife but Mrs. Roberts herself was my tennant and transacted all money matters in her own name.
     She would pay me her rent after drawing her pension.
     I have heard this statement read and fully understand it.

6 Oct 1887
Wm Hughes, Special Examiner

Deposition G - (Special Examination of Pension Claim)
Case of Addie L. Roberts

     On this sixth day of October 1887, at Meade District, County of Marshall, State of West Virginia, before me, Wm Hughes, a SPECIAL EXAMINER of the Pension Office, personallly appeared ADA L. ROBERTS, who being duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid claim, deposes and says:

     My age is 45 years. I am the widow of William L. Roberts dec'd and my P.O. address is Rosby's Rock, Marshall Co., W.Va.
     I am pensioned as the widow of the late Lieutenant Roberts late of Co "C" 12" WVa Vols who died about 1873 or 1874.
     I could give the exact date if I was at home and could also give the number of my pension Certificate but I can not give either from memory.
     I had 3 children by Captain Wm L. Roberts and drew pension for them since the time the law was passed and until they were each 16 years old.
     I have had one child since the death of my husband. He was the father of the child and it was born about 3 months after he died.
     I have also had one child born since then or about 5 years after Captain Roberts died.
     This child is living and is of illegitimate birth. I have not remarried since the death of Captain Roberts.
     I have not cohabited with any man since before the birth of this child.
     I know Thomas Clark and have known him all my life. He has boarded with me off and on for about 7 years. He is a carpenter and when at work away from where I live he boards where he is at work.
     He is in partnership with my son Frank L. Roberts. They own stock and are buying a farm in common and have been partners for 7 years.
     Frank L. Roberts will be 20 years old if he lives until the 18" day of this month.
     I have no partnership with Thomas Clark.
     He pays me $3.00 a week for his board and washing. Some times he pays me in money and some times he gets goods at the store for table use.
     Thomas Clark was a married man and I do not know wherther his wife is living or dead.
     I have never cohabited with Thomas Clark or any other man since before my 4th child was born.
     Thomas Clark boards with me still. I do not keep a boarding hosue and can not name any other person who has boarded at my house within the last 7 years except Mr. Fish. He boarded at my house for a week or so at a time when I lived in his place within the last 7 years.
     I also boarded 4 men who were working on the roads for 2 or 3 weeks about 3 or 4 years ago.
     Thomas Clark has never occupied the same room with me as a sleeping apartment.
     John Crow, George Gilbert and a brother whose name I do not remember and ---Seibert were the 4 men who boarded with me 3 or 4 years ago.
     My son and Thomas Clark are buying a farm from David Bonar. I have heard this settlement read and fully comprehend it.

6 Oct 1887
Wm Hughes, Special Examiner

Declaration For Restoration to the Pension Roll

State of W.Va.
County of Marshall
     On this 21st day of February A.D. on thousand eight hundred and eighty nine personally appeared befor me clerk of the Circuit Court a Court of Record within and for the County and State aforesaid ADA L. ROBERTS aged 43 years, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration, asking to be restored to the pension roll: That I am the identical ADA L. ROBERTS who was pensioned on the rolls of the Agency at Washington, D.C. and whose pension certificate No 144581 and I was paid last at said agency to the 4th day of Dec, 1887 that I since resided as follows: Near Rosby's Rock West Va. that I have not claimed pension since the date above given for the following reasons: I have delayed in making this application from the fact that I thought Congress might take action in claims like mine and grant relief and that I ask to be restored upon the pension rolls by reason of the fact that the grounds upon which she was stricken from the pension rolls as she believes were unfounded. That she can prove if permitted to so that she has not lived in adulterous cohabitation since the death of her said husband that I hereby appoint with full power of substitution and revocation B. F. MEIGHEN of Moundsville W.Va. my attorney to prosecute the above claim; that my residence is in Rosbys Rock in the county of Marshall and state of West Va and my Post Office address is Rosbys Rock W.Va.

Adda L. Roberts
Witnesses D. S. Sagan & John A. Bloyd


Grave of William L. Roberts
Roberts Ridge (Greenview) Cemetery, Marshall County, W. Va.


William L. Roberts' daughter, Maud McGary (Mrs. John A.),
with her grandchildren, c 1940


Old McGary Farm on Fork Ridge, Marshall County, W. Va., c 1940s.

Photos provided by Wayne McGary.