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  • 1st W. Va. Infantry Website - (Includes Book)
  • 1st W. Va. Cavalry Website
  • 12th W. Va. Infantry Website - (Includes Book)
  • Carlin's Battery "D" - 1st W. Va. Lt. Art'y Website
  • 5th W.Va. Cavalry (2nd Infantry) Regimental History Book
  • The Civil War Medals of W. Va... Where Are They?
  • ON THE WAY HOME - W.Va. Soldiers on the Sultana
  • 7th W. Va. Infantry - Company "B"
  • Loudoun (Va.) Independent Rangers
  • W. Va. Independent Exempts Infantry
  • W. Va. Soldiers of U. S. Reserve Corps
  • 11th W. Va. Infantry - Adj. Gen'l Report, 1864
  • Calhoun County In The Civil War - Book
  • Confederate Soldiers of Wheeling Area
  • Marshall County, W. Va. Civil War Obituaries
  • The Shriver Grays - "G" 27th Va. Infantry
  • Independent Guerrilla Volunteers
  • 45th U.S. Colored Infantry - W. Va. Troops
  • Veterans Buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Wheeling
  • W. Va. Organization List - Dyer
  • W. Va. Battle Index - Dyer
  • W. Va. Battles, Campaigns - Dyer
  • W. Va. Regimental Index - Dyer
  • West Virginia Regimental Histories - Dyer
  • Civil War In West Virginia - Myers
  • Confederate Soldiers of West Virginia
  • G. A. R. Reunion, 1907, Wheeling, West Virginia
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  • Octavius Bray, 4th W. Va. Cavalry
  • George Burch, 4th W. Va. Cavalry & 1st Light Art'y
  • Captain Andrew Grubb, 5th W. Va. Cavalry
  • Wheeling's Harrison Family In The Civil War
  • Uriah W. Halsted, - Killed in Battle
  • General Thomas Maley Harris
  • Joseph Trax & The Custer Cannon
  • John P. Baggs, The Snake Hunters
  • George C. Trimble - A Soldier's Life Revisited
  • Emil Bott, Civil War Soldier & Artist
  • Noah Zane Chapline, Company "I" 6th W. Va. Infantry
  • Christopher Dorff, Company "C" 7th W. Va. Infantry
  • Captain John Fordyce, Company "A" 7th W. Va. Infantry
  • Charles H. McLane, 3rd W.Va. Cavalry
  • William Harrison Cox, 4th W.Va. Cavalry & 1st L. A.
  • John M. & Oliver Phelps, 9th W. Va. Infantry
  • John Sommerville, 6th W. Va. Cavalry
  • David Tschappat, Battery "H" 1st W.Va. Light Artillery
  • John Jennings ("Jennings Gang"), 15th W. Va. Infantry
  • Dr. Albert P. Wheeler, Surgeon, 6th W. Va. Infantry
  • Captain Richard Whiting Blue, 6th W. Va. Cavalry
  • Lt. William Thomas Singleton, 1st W. Va. Infantry
  • Craig, Kern, Moore, Pigman Families
  • William Thompson, 3rd W. Va. Cavalry
  • Calhoun County, W. Va.
  • Marshall County W. Va.
  • Ohio County, W. Va.
  • Pleasants County, W. Va.
  • Upshur County, W. Va.
  • Calhoun County, W. Va.
  • Marshall County W. Va.
  • Ohio County, W. Va.
  • Pleasants County, W. Va.
  • Co K, 140th Pa. Vols, 1861-65
  • Owen's Run, Greene County, Pa.
  • Civil War: West Virginia - Jacob Smiths
  • Jessica Lynch, POW - Ancestors in the 7th W. Va. Infantry
  • George "Lyman" Atkinson, Co. "G" 145th Ohio Infantry
  • George T. Atkinson, Co. "F" 36th Ohio Infantry
  • Lloyd M. Boyles, 15th W. Va. Infantry
  • Alexander Henderson, 6th W. Va. Infantry
  • Alexander Hoback, 1st W. Va. Cavalry
  • Clifton D. Holsclaw, Missouri State Militia
  • Levi Kelly, 12th W. Va. Infantry
  • Sidney Merrifield, 6th W. Va. Infantry
  • Collin (Calvin) Minor, 18th Penna. Cavalry
  • Holdridge S. Sayre, W. Va. Independent Scouts
  • Jacob Conrad Smith, 133rd Upshur Co. Militia
  • Samuel Springer, 1st W. Va. Infantry
  • Calhoun County Military
  • Marshall County Military
  • Ohio County Military
  • Pleasants County Military
  • WVGenWeb Military Page

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